Specialty Engraving manufacturers equipment identification plates, and provides engraving services primarily for the electrical construction industry. Having both laser and CNC rotary capabilities, we can offer our customers precision engraving in metals, plastics, and acrylics.

Plastic Tags

If your job requires plastic identification tags, we can custom manufacture them to meet your specifications. We laser cut and engrave plastic laminates for indoor applications as well as UV stable laminates for outdoor environments. We stock a wide range of colors of engravable plastics to meet safety and code requirements for electrical power systems.

Stainless Steel Tags

Our CO2 lasers enable us to manufacture high quality stainless steel tags for hospitals, commercial kitchens, USDA food processing areas, cable marking tags and valve tags for harsh environments. Laser etching produces permanent black text with a precision high-contrast finish.

Brass Tags

We stock a variety of die-cut marine grade outdoor brass tags to meet utility requirements for marking electric meters, utility poles, and service entrance equipment. We CNC rotary engrave the text on heavy-gauge 0.040” thick brass that will endure outdoors indefinitely. Don’t let tags hold up a service release! All brass tag orders are assigned priority status, most delivered in less than 24 hours.

Control Panel Graphics & Legend Plates

Whether it’s an individual legend plate or a complete control panel front overlay, we can manufacture it to your specifications. We stock standard 22mm and 30mm legend plates in a variety of colors and the most commonly specified designs. Custom designs can be imported from your CAD file or engineered from scratch, and then laser cut and engraved with precision.

Engraved Switchplates

Hospitals, hotels, office buildings, and even homes often have need for permanent markings on plastic and stainless steel switchplates and receptacle covers. We engrave and color fill letters on plastic covers as well as laser etch stainless steel covers.

Arc Flash & Safety Labels

In the Electrical Industry safety is a top priority. We produce arc flash and safety labels to meet equipment marking requirements per N.E.C. Article 110, as well as specialty safety placards mandated by job specifications and local codes.


Plato once said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” True enough need often
drives ideas and action to create something new. Thus, in May of 1986, Specialty
Engraving was born in a basement just outside of Nashville to meet just one
need… to manufacture engraved equipment identification tags for the electrical
construction industry…. Fast!

We are a small family-owned and operated business located in Pleasant View,
Tennessee. Our mission is simply to be your “go-to” choice for electrical tags.
Our work ethic might be considered by some as “old fashioned” or even
“outdated” …. like actually answering our telephone when you call. We believe
“customer service” requires that we deliver to you a top quality Tennessee-made
product at a competitive price… fast! We figure if you didn’t need it you wouldn’t
have ordered it, so every tag order is considered a priority order. Unlike our
competitors, we don’t surcharge for expedited orders.

And to help with the logistics of getting your tags delivered, we have a network of
more than 30 electrical distributors located throughout Middle Tennessee ready
to serve you. Our contractors can conveniently pick up their tag orders along with
their electrical supplies the next day.

As you browse our website take a look at our products and services. If you have
questions, call us… we’ll answer the phone.



PO Box 131
Pleasant View, TN